Educate Your Grandkids – 21st Century Challenge

Made in America ! Doesn’t mean as much to the world today as it did thirty or forty years ago. During that time, I had the opportunity to visit more than 25 countries and saw how American “know how” was borrowed by other nations. We were the model of innovation and believe it or not, today, we still are.

The United States of America is 325 million strong. No other country is able to impact the world in so many different areas from business and technology to medicine or education. Sixteen American universities are in the top 20 in the world. We have the most international companies on the list of the Global Fortune 500. The world still looks our way for “vision” as we enter the 21st Century. Your grandkids should be proud to be Americans!

Your grandkids are the future of America. Over the course of the next two years, this blog will share information (American Resources) that will give America’s grandkids the tools to go forward and  continue to lead the world. Some of our topics:

  • Getting Your Grandkids Ready for School
  • American Colleges and Universities – Gold Standard in Higher Education
  • Why You Should Help Your Family Start a Home-Based Business
  • Importance of a Healthy Mind and Body – Assessments & Solutions
  • How to Select an American Public or Private School
  • American International Schools – The Best Around the World
  • Why English is the Language of the World
  • Preparing for Tomorrow’s Careers

Today – U.S.A.

According to AARP, nearly 6 million children are living in grandparents’ homes. The challenges in our economy over the past eight years include the housing and foreclosure crisis, the loss of jobs, poor economic progress and more. Grandparents are increasingly providing the stability and security of a home for their families.

Many of America’s grandparents are Baby Boomers, born between 1946-1964. The Baby Boomers, 75 million Americans, control over 80% of the U.S. personal financial assets. The Boomers do more than half the consumer spending each year in America. More than half plan on leaving an inheritance to their children as well as a portion to their favorite charities.


Grandparents have played a very important part in the extended family. The most common multi-generational household around the world is one with a grandparent as head of household and the adult children move in with their children. This arrangement is usually brought on by the needs of one or both families to combine resources and save money. The second most popular is a grandparent moving in with an adult child’s family, usually for care-giving reasons.

The extended family groups sharing a single household enjoy certain advantages:

  • A greater sense of security and belonging due to sharing a wider pool of members to serve as resources during a crisis.
  • More role models to help perpetuate desired behavior and cultural values.

In working class communities…

  • Grown children tend to establish their own households within the same general area as their parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents
  • Extended family members feel responsible for helping and supporting one another, both emotionally and financially.

Take the Challenge!

Your grandkids need your help now! Do they need someone to help with homework, pick them up from soccer practice or talk with them about their future hopes and dreams? A fantastic investment of time. Are the grandkids healthy? Are they exercising and getting the proper nutrition? These are keys to success in everyday life.

A financial investment in your grandkids’ future will have a bigger impact on their lives than the inheritance 20 years from now. The idea of college debt is keeping many young people from furthering their education. A high school education is not enough to open the doors to all the career options available. If you have the financial ability to help…do it!

Many young people between the ages of 18 and 30 dream of being an entrepreneur…starting their own business. Wouldn’t it be rewarding to use your business expertise, life experiences, and financial tools to partner with one or more of your grandkids in a business venture?

Don’t take a chance with your grandkids’ future. Take the Challenge!  Find ways to get involved, stay involved and make a difference!

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4 thoughts on “Educate Your Grandkids – 21st Century Challenge”

  1. As an involved Grandparent I found your blog very interesting. I do agree an investment in his education will far outweigh an inheritance. Keep the info coming!


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