“Go Urban, Young Woman, Go Urban”

In the 19th century, “manifest destiny” was a widely held belief in the United States. American settlers were encouraged to expand west across North America. “Go West, Young Man, Go West” is a phase often credited to American author, Horace Greely. In an 1865 editorial for the New York Tribune, he wrote favorably about westward expansion.

Fast forward 151 years… and the times have changed. Americans are not leaving the cities but moving to urban communities. More than half the world’s population currently live in or near cities and this trend will continue. One way UNICEF defines urban is “where a significant majority of the population is not primarily engaged in agriculture or where there is surplus employment”. So people are heading to the cities to start a new life, pursue a career, and/or start a new business as a young entrepreneur.


Millennial women are taking the steps to be the business leaders of the 21st century. According to a Pew Research Report 2013, more women than men have graduated from college in the last 15 years. More women are also earning graduate degrees that will enable them to become top earners down the road.

The June 11th issue of The Economist reports about the “glass ceiling”. Women around the world are finding it difficult to advance their careers into management position. Their ideas and contributions are not always recognized and/or appreciated. Women may not be included in the “big decision” made at the corporation. There is a gap between median earnings of men and women in full-time employment. Look around…how many women are the “breadwinners” in their households? More than you think!

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company put together some fascinating information about “The State of Women Business Owners”. For the last five years, women have started businesses at a much higher rate than men and there is still plenty of room to grow.

Why do women want to start their own business?

  • Opportunity to do something they are passionate about
  • Ability to be their own boss
  • Potential for higher earning power
  • Flexibility to care for their families

Think Metropolitan Area!

A metropolitan area is more than a city. It includes urban communities that surround the city as well as communities linked to the city through roads, subways and other forms of transportation.

Population (source Wikipedia)

Shanghai, China

  • City: 24,256,800
  • Metropolitan area: 34,750,000

Jakarta, Indonesia

  • City: 10,075,310
  • Metropolitan area: 30,075,310

Tokyo, Japan

  • City: 13,297,629
  • Metropolitan area: 36,923,000

New York City, United States

  • City: 8,491,079
  • Metropolitan area: 20,092,883

Mexico City, Mexico

  • City: 8,974,724
  • Metropolitan area: 21,178,959

Are you an aspiring young entrepreneur?

If a woman wants to build her own business, she will need a market to share products and/or services and people to team with in building the business. When you set up a new business in a large metropolitan area, there are more people that are looking for new products, services and business opportunities.

There are many business models available to a young entrepreneur. In this three-part series we will take a look at a variety of options. Direct-marketing is one sensible way to get started on your own. Look for an organization that provides the following:

  • Stability – You can commit your time, energy, and enthusiasm.
  • Experience – A solid management team with years of successful business leadership and hands-on experience in international business.
  • Quality – Company manufactures and packages many of its own products in its own state-of-the-art facilities. Consumable products are the foundation of the business.
  • Leading Edge Technology  – Provides social media tools and support.
  • Exploding Market _ Company is the leader in the field, understands their market and has momentum to increase market share with new products.
  • Fair and Lucrative Compensation – Compensation plan allows all people an opportunity for success.
  • Expert Training – You have the opportunity to be trained by the best. The company has a wide range of distributor support services that make building your business easier.

The advantages of owning a direct-marketing business.

  • Low Financial Risk
  • Available for Everyone – No previous experience necessary. Training is provided, allowing you to earn as you learn…regardless of age, sex, race, or education.
  • No Ceiling on Income – You are paid what you are worth. You decide how much you earn.
  • Lifetime Income – You can build a successful income-generating business that can last a lifetime.
  • Be Your Own Boss – You set your hours. Work where you want, part-time or full-time.
  • Work at Home – Spend more time with your family. Live where you want to live…your business moves with you.
  • No Franchise Fees or Royalties – No fees, minimal overhead, no need to rent an office or buy expensive equipment.
  • Live as You Please – Freedom at last. You control your time and lifestyle.

Break that ceiling!

Grandmother, you have witnessed the struggles of women entering the workplace and triumphed over barriers of your own. The doors are finally opening for women in the workplace and the glass ceiling is beginning to get a few cracks.

Grandparents, you have some tremendous life experiences coming from years of making a living and taking care of your family. Encouraging a young entrepreneur to take the first steps will need your wisdom and guidance…and perhaps some financial assistance as well.

Now is the perfect time to venture out and get your young entrepreneur involved in a direct-marketing business!

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